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The whole-process cloud office HR human resource management software helps HR to efficiently complete performance appraisal, obtain performance appraisal results anytime and anywhere, and reduce HR work pressure from the transactional aspect.

Performance appraisal refers to the method during which an enterprise uses specific standards and indicators to guage employees’ work behavior and work performance under established strategic goals, and uses the results of the evaluation to positively guide employees’ future work behavior and work performance. And method.

Why do companies use performance appraisal software?

As one of the foremost important links within the modern human resource management system, performance appraisal has always been the main target of human resource management workers. With the gradual deepening of economic globalization and enterprise informatization, more and more group companies have realized that the way to truly turn people in group companies into “resources” or maybe “capital” is currently the bulk of group companies’ managers the matter of thinking, which shows that folks are increasingly becoming the most body and center of the enterprise.

The HR performance appraisal system has designed a platform where users can define performance appraisal items and performance appraisal categories. It also provides a platform which will meet ” key indicator KPI “, ” balanced score card BSC “, ” objective management OPM “, and ” economic process .” “Value EVA ” and other assessment setting modes for various assessment methods. The HR performance appraisal system also supports a 360-degree appraisal method to assist companies build a stable, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use appraisal system, save the manpower and material resources invested in performance appraisal, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving appraisal efficiency.

The characteristics of the HR performance appraisal system are:

• Can flexibly define various indicators of the assessment rules, assessment scoring weights, assessment scoring standards, etc., and set assessment tables;

• Different assessment rules (qualitative and quantitative) are often set and adjusted consistent with positions and departments;

• The assessment period are often flexibly set;

• Can flexibly set the assessment level relationship;

• Develop an assessment plan, select assessment objects and assessment rules, and designate assessment personnel.

the normal paper-based performance appraisal takes about half a month whenever . additionally , an outsized amount of statistical work has made performance appraisers and people involved within the appraisal feel burdened. additionally , a extended evaluation cycle means greater investment in manpower and material resources, and there are many obstacles to the event of traditional performance evaluation work!

After adopting HR’s performance appraisal system:

The assessment period are often shortened to 1 to three days, and an outsized amount of statistical work are often completed with one click! this may save tons of manpower and material resources for enterprises and institutions, and make the enterprise assessment work enter a virtuous development cycle, in order that the performance assessment can truly provide support for the steady and scientific development of the enterprise.

The performance management system realizes the informationization of performance management

As we all know, performance management is that the top priority of all major modules of human resource management. In recent years, more and more companies have paid attention to and applied HR software , hoping to enhance their human resource management capabilities with the assistance of software. And enterprise users also will take performance management because the focus of assessment when selecting human resource management software. However, watching the market, it’s found that the performance management module of some HR software mainly realizes the electronicization of the performance evaluation and scoring process, and there’s an enormous gap between the core position of performance management in human resource management and therefore the actual management method of the enterprise. the worth of performance management software is underestimated, and there are even misunderstandings.

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What are the performance management software?

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