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The so-called enterprise performance management (EPM) refers to a series of management processes and management software that support the strategy execution process. EPM can include process performance management within the usual sense, that is, managers and employees within the least levels participate in the formulation of performance plans, performance coaching communication, performance appraisal evaluation, performance results application, and performance goal improvement so as to realize organizational goals .

Which Enterprise Performance Appraisal Software Is Best To Use?

Performance appraisal is that the only way for each company within the development process. The core of performance appraisal management is to stay the company’s fighting vitality and maintain the steadiness of the company’s strategic development direction. within the process of gradual growth of an enterprise, some employees will become mentally lax, and therefore the productivity of the enterprise will decline. so as to motivate employees to form better and more valuable output, performance appraisal may be a excellent method, which may be rewarded To affirm outstanding employees, and to alert slack employees through appropriate punishments, and comprehensively reflect the worth concept of performance management for more work.


Performance appraisal software may be a good helper for companies to perform performance appraisal management. It can help companies establish standardized performance indicators and perform fully automated and information-based performance management. Most of the present performance appraisal software on the market can meet the essential performance appraisal requirements, but many are only used for performance appraisal, or only support alittle number of appraisal methods, and can’t completely customize performance indicators and calculation methods. Dongbao Software’s HR system integrates performance management modules, fully supports and presets a spread of performance appraisal plans on the market, and may also customize performance plans for special positions to satisfy the varied performance appraisal needs of enterprises.

What functions got to be fulfilled by useful enterprise performance appraisal software ? Let’s sort it out below:

1. Staff information management function
Employee information management may be a basic system function, which contains basic employee information, position information, work experience, project experience, education information, etc. and other information, which is convenient for data association with the performance appraisal module, and automatically matches the corresponding performance plan consistent with the worker . the worker information function module supports one-click import of employee information, and supports Excel templates, HTML import and export.

2. Attendance management function
Attendance management is additionally a feature of enterprise performance appraisal software. for a few performance methods that use working hours because the accounting mechanism, it’s easy to get working hours information, so on quickly calculate performance. additionally , the attendance data exported by other attendance tools also can be imported into the system, and therefore the attendance data are often formed after corresponding identification.

3. Customize the sort of performance appraisal
The performance appraisal system not only presets several appraisal schemes commonly utilized in the market, like KPI|OKR|MBO|360 and other performance tools, but can also customize the performance indicators, set the content of the performance appraisal, and set the load of the appraisal indicators. The score is about to satisfy the performance appraisal of some special positions by the enterprise.

4. Salary calculation function
The salary calculation function closely follows the results of the performance appraisal, and is additionally related to the worker information module and therefore the attendance management module, in order that it’s convenient to directly call the employee’s ID, position information, attendance data, subsidies, social welfare , performance data and other information, and pay directly with one click Accounting. After all, the ultimate results of performance appraisal is salary, so performance appraisal software should have salary calculation function.

5. Regular performance report
In addition, the performance appraisal software must have the power to get departmental and private performance reports, which may be monthly, quarterly, or the time span are often adjusted freely, consistent with the daily performance data cycle of the company’s employees. The performance report can directly explain the performance of the department or individual, and there are still shortcomings, which is convenient for continuous improvement and growth.

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