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What are the performance management software?
Continuous performance management tool: “Tita performance treasure”Tita performance treasure, with OKRs-E because the system basis, combined with CFR and phased result evaluation, comprehensively assists enterprises in achieving continuous performance management. specialise in goals, implement on-the-fly, and evaluate the results, that specialize in these three important businesses as an organic integration

1. Clear goals and execution are prerequisites for continuous performance management. OKRs-E has become the key business support of Tita’s performance treasure, helping companies specialise in key points and implement them on the bottom , in order that all employees can clearly see their annual and phased work priorities, in order that everyone can focus.
2. Communication, feedback, and rewards with Internet thinking provide an efficient start line for business management. Tita naturally comes with its own communication, likes, medals and other capabilities to support companies to supply real-time feedback and incentives during work advancement.

3. Work results are often assessed. In traditional performance appraisal , it’s just for the top of the year evaluation. it’s often a one-time management action for the corporate to pursue annual performance and conduct year-end awards. Such year-end assessments often cannot change the work that has already taken place. Therefore, we believe that the assessment of labor results should be continuous, and monthly or quarterly assessments can help companies still motivate employees.

In “Tita Performance Po”, Tita’s newly launched “Performance Appraisal” module helps companies achieve work result appraisal. So, compared with traditional performance management software, what’s the difference between Tita performance treasure?
Easy, agile, efficient, and prepared to use out of the box up 1 minute, Tita performance treasure subverts the complex configuration of traditional performance management software, and has built-in assessment scene standards into the system, in order that performance management software also can have an Internet-based product experience.

Tita performance treasure not only focuses on basic assessment scenarios, but also solves performance management problems for enterprises in two aspects.

(1) Tita performance appraisal and OKR natural integration There are thousands of consumers who use OKR for corporate management, so does OKR work need no appraisal at all? within the practice of domestic enterprises, we’ve found that albeit everyone agrees with the challenges and incentives advocated by OKR, as a corporation , they still want to ascertain the standard and effect of the results. Therefore, within the evaluation of some companies, the evaluation work includes One part is OKR. In Tita performance appraisal, when OKR appraisal and management, it can conveniently support enterprises to include periodic OKR into appraisal. When the administrator initiates the assessment, the workers can directly see the OKR of the present cycle in their own assessment, which is convenient and quick for self-assessment.

Tita performance treasure is integrated with three platforms, and connected to enterprise WeChat, Dingding and FeishuTita performance treasure are often used not only through the webpage or its own App, but also seamlessly connects with the three major collaboration platforms, and may be used directly on corporate WeChat, Dingding and Feishu. Through the reference to the three-party platform, not only the account is opened, but the organizational relationship of the personnel is additionally inherited naturally. Tita’s messages are naturally connected to the three-party platform, and employees can handle work anytime, anywhere.In 2021, Tita performance treasure will still cultivate and empower the company’s continuous performance managementIn 2021, companies are still facing various uncertainties and challenges. Tita Performance Bao will still improve its products, explore the way to successfully implement continuous performance management for the corporate , and work with managers from all walks of life to empower employees and improve the organization. Efficiency, continuous struggle to realize organizational goals

Among Tita’s customers, “Juvenile Get” is a crucial user of Tita OKR. they need successfully completed the fourth quarter assessment of 2020 through Tita Performance Bao. As their HR mentioned within the feedback, “OKR are often synchronized directly is basically convenient, save tons of labor .” Not just for employees, for supervisor evaluation, can pass OKR within the assessment process After viewing the progress information of the method , the evaluation has become more comprehensive and objective, and there’s not a headache for a way to attain .

(2) Tita performance treasure has built-in nearly 600 sets of assessment templates to show you ways to try to to assessments. Among the businesses surveyed by Tita, we found that tiny and medium-sized enterprises with 500 employees often haven’t done the assessment in many cases. At an equivalent time, for every it’s questionable how the post should be assessed. So, the way to help this sort of enterprise solve their problems? Tita searched for experts from all walks of life and picked up nearly 600 sets of assessment templates, involving various industries and various positions.

Through the sensible cases of successful companies, it can help those small and medium-sized enterprises that have just grown up.The assessment template in Tita Performance Po isn’t just for display, but also allows everyone to use one-click to their own assessment template. If this is often the position you would like to assess, you’ll apply it with one click to quickly and simply complete the establishment of the company’s own assessment template. For more ability introduction, you’ll visit tita’s official website to go to .

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